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HT-TM2200E-75 - universal electronic actuator

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HT-TM2200E-75 is universal, compact, robust and reliable rotary brush less actuator developed for harsh environmental use.

Detailed information

Product detailed description

They are used for diesel and gas engines as well as for dual fuel engines. Everywhere where fast response, precise control and reliability are required; the HT-TM2200E-75 is the right choice.

The actuator has an internal contact less position feedback with an accuracy of +/- 0.75°.

This actuator is easy to install and requires no maintenance.

Rotary working angle is 75° clockwise (75R version) or counter clockwise (75L version).

Various adaptor flanges for gas throttle flaps or diesel injection pumps are available.

■ HT-TM2200E-75L-A1-C             Universal 12/24 VDC version with Deutsch connector for HUEGLI TECH cable harness.
■ HT-TM2200E-75R-A1-C12        12 VDC version with Tyco connector for customer´s cable harness.
■ HT-TM2200E-75R-A1-C24        24 VDC version with Tyco connector for customer´s cable harness.