Welcome to our new on-line shop started 21.12.2020. We are continuously loading products and fine-tuning your purchase experience, please excuse any possible temporary disruption or missing products and contact us by email or telephone.


Our on-line shop covers global market and variety of customers, so there are a few specific matters compared to standard consumer e-shop. Here are answers of a few Frequently Asked Questions.

HOW TO ...

1) ... see prices?
2) ... purchase without VAT?
3) ... get discount?

1) HUEGLI TECH's e-shop reveals prices of all items after you register, get approval and log-in. Please note, approval is done by person, can take a few hours to process.

2) When registering on our e-shop as company, customer type Consumer - company or Distributor or OEM producer, you are requested to fill in your company data including TIN (Tax Identification Number), what makes you eligible for purchases without VAT. European Union companies fill in EU VAT number, others fill in number proving eligibility for purchase without VAT. As soon as we approve your registration, we will pair your user account with 0% VAT price list.

3) When registering on our e-shop as Distributor or OEM producer, you are eligible for discounted prices. Value of discount is subject of individual negotiation and agreement between HUEGLI TECH and customer. As soon as we receive your registration form with one of mentioned customer type, we will contact you for further talk.