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KT-202788 service kit for engine pump RPA

Code: 1892
On stock SUI

Service kit for KTI / HT engine pump.

Detailed information

Product detailed description

Consists of:

1 x SE-1000082 Fluid Seal
1 x GA-1129-5 O-Ring
2 x RG-1098 Retaining ring
1 x SP-202607 Valve spring
2 x GA-1129-1 O-Ring
2 x RG-100157 Back-up ring
1 x GA-1129-7 O-ring
1 x GA-1129-2 O-ring
1 x SP-202702 Valve spring
1 x GA-1129-4 O-ring
1 x SP-202615 Inlet Valve seat