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HT-FLR series

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The HT-FLR-190 Series Integral Actuator is designed to mount integral to various injection Pumps of small engines. 

Detailed information

Product detailed description

No external linkage or brackets are required to install this actuator. Also, when de-energized the HT-FLR-190 Series electric actuator provides the function of fuel shutoff solenoid. This is accomplished by internally moving springloaded the fuel-rack to the no fuel position.

Installing the HT-FLR-190 Series actuator does not defeat the engine’s mechanical governor operation. During the installation process, the mechanical governor is set 200-300 rpm higher than the electric governor’s operating speed. In this configuration the mechanical governor acts as an over speed protection and engine-power limiter, within engine manufacturers specifications.

The electromechanical design used in the HT-FLR-190 Series is field proven and provides a proportional actuator movement based on the actuator coil current.


  • A Low Cost Integral Actuator
  • Proven Electromechanical Design with High Reliability
  • Easy Installation with Minimal Setup Time
  • Fast Response
  • Environmentally Sealed, All Metal Design
  • Increased Operational
  • Integrity and Security


  • Durable
  • Reliable
  • Cost Effective