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HT-CL-AF1000LS air/fuel ratio control unit

Code: 10043
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Simple control of gas volume.

Detailed information

Product detailed description

Simple control of gas volume: the output of the Lambda probe is processed through a PID loop and the result fed to the gas-mixer to vary the amount of gas supplied.


  • Stand-alone device or for connection to Huegli Tech Controllers
  • Compatible with Lambda probe type Bosch LSU 4.2
  • Special SW algorithms protect sensor heaters from thermoshock during coldstarts.
  • Configuration via USB and PC software
  • Communication via CAN bus (supports various protocols)
  • Communication via Modbus RTU RS485
  • Input Power 7-30 VDC
  • -40°C - +85°C
  • DIN Rail 35mm


  • Efficient gas volume regulation
  • Direct CAN bus communication with Gas Mixer and / or Gen-Set Controller
  • Integrated Power Supply for heating circuit of the lambda probe (to bring the sensor rapidly to the working temperature)