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Genset master controllers

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HT GC315 web HR
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Code: 9878

The HT-GC-315 have all required features for the most common three-phase generator applications (Single Prime Mover and Single Stand-by).

HT GC 400 HR
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Code: 10428

HT-GC-400 is an entry level, but also a comprehensive controller particularly suggested for managing different types of Synchro/Parallel applications.

HT GC 600 HR
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Code: 11485

HT-GC-600 is a powerful genset controller equipped with a dual processor, designed for synchro/parallel applications including plants with multiple gensets and power stations...

HT HMI DST 4602 Evolution HR 03
HT-HMI-DST-4602 Evolution
On stock SUI
Code: 10409

Companion user interface (HMI) for the HT-SCM-E-DST-4602 Evolution. The HMI provides an LCD display and buttons for setting up and operating the control.

csm mc100 display web kl fe62acc3f1
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Code: 11580

HT-MC-200 controller is designed to manage multiple parallel systems. The unit is able to control the global circuit breaker and generator functions operating as a Master unit.

HT SCM E DST 4602 HR 03
HT-SCM-E-DST-4602 Evolution
On stock SUI
Code: 10413

Advanced multiple paralleling display-less genset controller with internal load sharing, synchronizer and PLC functions. Highly configurable genset controller designed to handle...