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Speed governing InGovern

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GREAVES COTTON governing KIT (for Motorpal pump)
GREAVES COTTON governing KIT (for Motorpal pump)
On stock CZE
Code: GCL01

Electronic actuators and governor control unit for speed control of Greaves Cotton V-engines equipped with Motorpal inline diesel injection pump.

100 DB HR
On stock CZE
Code: 10459

The 100 Series is designed to mount directly to Stanadyne “D” Series fuel injection pumps. 

HT 103 HR
On stock CZE
Code: 10541

The 103 Series Integral Actuator is a field-proven proportional actuator designed to mount directly to the Delphi DPG/ DP210 Pump. 

HT 175 HR
On stock CZE
Code: 10367

The HT-175 electric actuator is designed to mount directly to inline fuel injection pumps, with a right hand rack, in place of the mechanical governor. 

HT 225 HR
On stock CZE
Code: 10530

HT-225 - Universal Rotary Actuator The 225 Series electric actuator is a rotary output, linear torque, proportional servo.

HT 275 HR
On stock CZE
Code: 10692

Integrated pump mounted electric actuator. The 275 Series Electric Actuator is designed to mount directly on Bosch ‘P’ and ‘RP 21’ Fuel Injection Pumps in place of the...

HT-DDD100 speed governor
On stock CZE
Code: 10093

Digital electronic high precision engine speed governor.

FLR Series HR
HT-FLR series
On stock SUI
Code: 10707

The HT-FLR-190 Series Integral Actuator is designed to mount integral to various injection Pumps of small engines. 

HT-HSG100 speed governor
On stock CZE
Code: 10024

Bi-directional electronic speed controller.

HT MSP 6741 Outline Drawing
On stock SUI
Code: 11570

Magn. Speed Sensor M18x1.5, L58/80 without mating connector EC-1350

HT MSP 6724 Outline Drawing
On stock SUI
Code: 11400

Magn. Speed Sensor 3/4-16 UNF2A, L87/103

HT MSP 6729 Outline Drawing
On stock SUI
Code: 11405

Magn. Speed Sensor 3/8-24 UNF 2A, L57/69 shielded cable 1850mm

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